Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Interesting Seven type kit car see link below

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Weirdly I know of a duton phaeton that was registered as a b type In my role as Secretary of the DOC I was in contact with someone who had a problem......turns out that a previous owner had bought a b type that had stood in a front garden for 15 odd years then discovered it was rotten by chance he was offered a car that had been built as a track day car never registered but knocked about. He bought that hoping to transfer all the good bits and build one car. Thinking the b type and phaeton were essentially the same (the phaeton also had a b+ style front) so an easy mistake to the untrained eye.
The car was then sold unfinished to the guy who contacted me when he then got in touch....getting the story from the previous owner he was having problems getting the log book....
I told him that since both cars dated from the late 70's when such a swap could have been possible with out question from the DVLA to pretend that's when it happens and square the details with the authorities.....it helped that the b type chassis plate was found in the car and so both chassis numbers could be given to the DVLA...and they confirmed the phaeton chassis was never registered so it back on the road and all legit...
So is this car a clone or not?
I say no....it's one 1970's dutton replacing another 1970's dutton one of which has long been disposed of and all long before SVA OR IVA and possibly even the "Q" plate system...did I do wrong?

My facts are 100% correct as told to me

maybe I have been unlucky and come across a lot of liars and fantasists but heard the same "story" many times from multiple sellers

never mentioned anyone on here did I ,thou it is very easy to trace people once you have a ebay name or  email address and link it in with other things

police have access but using the system for friends/personal use is a VERY big no no (you know data protection an all that) and can lead to very serious charges and prison time and since all they have is the dvla data and the club has access to that its all a bit pointless

I think people have a habit of exaggerating things if it suits them, especially ebay sellers :)

I have also found that people are more co-operative if your nice to them and to be fair if your dealing with someone who purchased a dodgy car in good faith then they are victims that need to be dealt with sympathetically.

Mostly the people I come across are normal everyday sellers
Don't see why they would feel the need to exagerate ?
Have personally seen some of the ebay messages and emails some sellers have received about the importance of their "historic" car and what they are and aren't allowed to do with it

Hi Rob, I would love to see some pictures of your cars, they sound very interesting, this is said purely from an interested engineers point of view and with no other agenda ( its terrible that something like that has to be stated)  I wish we could all just get on with sharing our projects with each other. 

Well said Paul

Leggy with black gel =scorchill not Dutton cars

some had Dutton numbers some didnt


will see if I can dig out some sierra pics from back in the day

at the moment they are at the back of a unit with 2 other cars and 4 unbuilt kits in front of them and one or two spares !

Pickup is fairly basic as the chassis rails taper in nicely so guy just copied the rear end an placed it further back where the tapers matched so on the join you have double width chassis

4x4 is basically 2 chassis on top of each other with the Dutton being on top

not really "interesting" engineering more good solid "blacksmith" engineering

Ahhhah ....... Blacksmith engineering is always good ;-)))

mine is a scorhill....a 1997 car....dutton chassis number and a really dodgy chassis mod. (done by the factory allegedly) 

Mine has a Dutton chassis number and was registered in 1991. I'd suppose that mine was a Scorhill as my number is later than yours Dave. I am assuming that Scorhill numbered them in order as they sold them but that might not be the case, they might have been manufactured well in advance and numbered at that time and then sold out of order.

In "The A-Z of Kitcars" it says that when the range of cars were sold off to Scorhill and Eagle, then the Legerra, Beneto and Melos were kept by TDW under his Partex banner. So when did Scorhill get involved with Legerras?


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