Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Interesting Seven type kit car see link below

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It's a clone i'm telling ya ......... it's a clone !!!!!    And he's sold all the escort bits ;-))))

I always knew that I had a deprived childhood, now I have the evidence. His son had a lot of fun in it, see video

Don't worry someone with "secret" DVLA cotacts will sort him out !!!

that sort of thing doesn't happen round these parts ! will be an epic failure as usual !!!

ought to concentrate on things like the guy on ebay last week selling blank Dutton chassis plates !

not to worry thou they are all safe and sound now !

The German seller?

Why pay £22 when you can get one from the club for £4 and we can stamp em too (he said laughing)

All depends if you want a "blank" for your collection doesn't it

And my car details will be mine (and the DVLA,S) and not on anyones database

That's priceless

I find it strange Rob, especially from a fellow committee member. You seem to think I have some sort of hidden agenda with these details the club has always asked for, it's not just me you know. They were recording chassis numbers before you became a member and thats a LONG time 

If you don't want the club to know which cars you have/had that's no real concern of mine, It's your personal choice. Its a shame, as you could probably help to fill in quite a few blank spaces on our records and prevent a fair amount of speculation as to the fate of some cars. It's helped more than one member get the correct V5, Just look at our Dave A..3 years arguing with the DVLA and now TTW770R is sorted with one letter and one email. Another one back on the road (when Dave finishes it anyway) DVLA are happy, Dave's happy and we couldn't have done it without those records to tie all the bits together and work out what happened. 

and despite all that it took me 10 years to confirm that my black leggy had never been registered using the dutton serial number so must have been on the original escort VIN and therefore on the original donor year plate, very few of those about...

I have the Dutton serial number and have had it checked by the DVLA who said it did not exist and has not existed as a VIN. Mind you, they have been known to make mistakes in the past.

And yes, its always been black.

No safe and sound on a Dutton

galvanic corrosion is a terrible thing

Keep obsessing about one thing you miss soo many other things !

As you say Ade personal choice

I know how long the club has been recording car info I still have every sheet the club produced and was given to every member with the car info

Doesn't matter what database you access police/insurance/car auction they all use the DVLA records #,but not the full file

The "GBS" Phaeton the other day shows how people jump to conclusions and spout off without thinking or even really looking.

The Green mk1 Escort pic that's on here that's registered as a Dutton Sierra, technically to the letter of the law if its using a standard Sierra chassis and the Ford body is plonked on top its legit

Only thing he has to change is "body style" on the v5 to" pick up " its legit to the letter of the law but lots of people don't like it or approve of it or cry "clone"

That's why my details stay secret !

when you get through as many kits as me you tend to get a bit picky and  specialise ,I now go for unbuilt kits (as you know) and Duttons with a twist shall we say

My pickup sierra is a long wheelbase,it was built and registered like that from day one by the maintenance man at a garden centre.

he built it from the remnants of the firms old escort van and for the very specific purpose of moving floral display stands ( the fact that dirt bikes fit perfectly in the back is a bonus)

unique car and if some Dutton "experts" saw it  would be going " that's not standard,clone,,needs IVA " ECT ECT

I Have a 4x4 Sierra (guy built 2 so another,s out there ) correctly registered on the v5 as Dutton 4x4 utility , That would get the same response

Not on the internet much at all (last couple of weeks been on here more than I normally do) and when I do go on I spread myself across a broad spectrum-autoshite,rods an sods,trovit ect ect looking for Duttons and parts and buying and selling with a LOT of people not just the ebay crowd and if someone wants to break a car for what ever reason I don't have a problem with that

What I do have a problem with is people who phone up or email sellers an spout rubbish an lies and try to intimidate them and while that's still going on my car records and details stay with me

Hi Rob

I'm not sure about this GBS Phaeton you mention however I will go back and check.

I know the Sierra is supposed to be legit, I have no problem with it in fact I think is a very clever way of solving a serious problem turning an escort into a pickup. It would help if he changed the colour from red to green however thats me being picky.

As previously stated I have no issues with you keeping your car details to yourself, its always been optional and I rarely remind people unless there is a query. And while i'm on the subject of queries... I have NEVER contacted the DVLA unless asked by a vehicles owner. I have however been contacted BY the DVLA to assist with VIC's in the past, occupational hazard of being the public face of the club. For the sake of the club and it's reputation I will not tell lies about the vehicle I am asked to examine. If it's a genuine Dutton, a Dutton body on a newer chassis or a completely new build with a dodgy ID, I have to tell the truth. Now if I have a record of a vehicle being rebodied or a chassis having been replaced at some point then I can honestly vouch for the vehicle and hopefully avoid any further problems for the owner. I'm here to help people keep the cars on the road, not to get them busted. That being said, if it is a new build on a Dutton ID then they deserve the maximum penalty the law can chuck at them.

I have pointed out on a few occasions when I find a car that stinks like rotting cabbages of being a wrongun', MK's demonstrator being registered as a dutton sierra for example. Its just plain illegal, blatant vehicle ID theft and inexcusable when committed by a manufacturing company.(and thats not the only one they have done)

On the subject of SVA/IVA, this only applies to vehicles after 1999/2000 surely. If I can prove the modifications were made prior to that time (like your Sierra) then they are immune from that test. Cant do that if I don't get told about the mods or given the chassis number of the car involved. That's how the club assists it's members, past present and future, by being there to back them up when the authorities give them grief.

You know the story of my white legerra and if it wasn't for Mark and 'the Club' I wouldn't have been able to save what was left of it. In fact blame Mark...because if he hadn't have helped me then I probably wouldn't be typing this :)


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