Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Clocks sprung forward, the weather sprung back, tipping it down, blowing a hoolie and cold, could it be Easter is coming, all the campers are getting excited at pitching in the rain etc. I want to blast about in the B+. Looks like a  day in the cave.

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Raining oop nurth too, poxy weather, all the seagulls have landed, the sheep are all huddled together and laying down and the met office is saying its in till thursday... NFI !

Been frigging hot today

Typical. Monday morning, dry and bright. I have to attend to business matters this morning. Gerry.

Great weather ! got sunburn on my nose ! my forehead a bit reddish too, Driving open top does it :-))

Well never mind I expect the wife will have some cream for it  -:)

She laughed :-)

So did I 

Cor, it's a scorched, long may it continue. Dragged everything out and working in the drive in a skimpy pair of shorts, almost Speedo weather :-)  May post a frightening picture later :-)))

You keep your Budgie Smuglers to yourself Mr K !!!!!

Could be worse, another photo of a Melos

Grey, dismal, windy and chilly. What a surprise.

Toasty down here ,all day since Saturday


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