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Hi Guys

Just wondering what tyre pressure people run with on their Phaetons, my tyres are 185/60 x 13

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I'm on 185/70x13 and run 16 psi, all round. But my front suspension is very hard.

I have 185/65 x14.....and 18psi.

Mine gets 25psi front, 60psi rear. But that's not recommended for road use!

I have heavier vehicles but 195/60/14's @ 20psi, 205/60/13's @ 20psi, 195/60/15's @ 18psi (tried various setups from 15psi upto 24psi)

The Sierra runs 215/75/15's all terrains @ 20psi in summer which drops to 18psi in winter.

Thanks everyone,

I'm currently running 22psi all round which seems ok, when I first bought the car it was 35psi all round and use to shake the contents of your bladder :-)


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