Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

You may have seen a few posts asking new members to use the site and post regularly. This platform only has capacity for 150 members. Although there is not a lot of through traffic on here and it can seem abandoned from time to time if you don't post everyone will lose interest. So please let's see your car and mods, ask questions about your Dutton there is a wealth of knowledge on the site from long term Dutton owners, well those that are not in a state of a mental breakdown from owning a Dutton the ultimate collectors' car, we keep stopping to collect bits that fall off.

So come Newbies and Oldies lets make the site work again.

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To be fair Dave, hardly any of the 150 members ahve been posting on here, I think everyone has buggered of to Faceache :(

Got to admit Big Vern there is more action on there. It does seem easier to load photos and files to the FB site. I use an MR2 site on FB and the amount of info files, manuals etc on there is really good and easy to find.

Heya. Didn't realise this place was still alive. ☺️

There is a lot you dont realise Flippy

Still here and looking regularly

Very few post on here these days Dave, most seem to be on the FB site.

Look maybe every 2/3 months
Can't handle all the diffrent platforms an media options, not got the time
Most off my work contracts come up on FB these days ( the only reason I joined it) so thats my goto account

Hi Rob, 

Sent you a message

Regards BV

Sent you a email the other week just checking you got it ?

I'm still about but quiet on here due to ongoing health issues so the cars have hardly moved forward, plus the virus is playing havoc. but this is where Im at, touching distance


Like the cars mate we aren't getting any younger, and bits keep dropping off me now.


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