Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

You may have seen a few posts asking new members to use the site and post regularly. This platform only has capacity for 150 members. Although there is not a lot of through traffic on here and it can seem abandoned from time to time if you don't post everyone will lose interest. So please let's see your car and mods, ask questions about your Dutton there is a wealth of knowledge on the site from long term Dutton owners, well those that are not in a state of a mental breakdown from owning a Dutton the ultimate collectors' car, we keep stopping to collect bits that fall off.

So come Newbies and Oldies lets make the site work again.

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I'm still about but quiet on here due to ongoing health issues so the cars have hardly moved forward, plus the virus is playing havoc. but this is where Im at, touching distance


Like the cars mate we aren't getting any younger, and bits keep dropping off me now.

Anyone seen or heard anything of Mr Southgate recently, have been trying to contact him but he doesn't reply

I heard from him a couple of weeks ago on Facebook but he is very quiet lately

Hi Pete,

Thanks, I don't do Facebook so I can't raise him that way and he doesn't seem to respond to anything else :(

I've pinged him a message on Facebook to let him know you are trying to get in touch.

BV I have message him to get in touch

Thanks Dave, its so quiet on here these days so I never know if any messages get through :(

I'm still trying to resurrect BVY my oldest Phaeton but unless I can source some bodywork of some sort its probably a lost cause. I am quite taken by the hsr7 (Austin Healey look alike) but I expect all I'll get is cries of 'ringer' so its probably not worth it.

I know when I got my current S2 from Ade he had another set of either S1 or S2 bodywork in blue.

Hi Pete,

Yes I had that conversation with Ade, I think he only has a bonnet & skuttle though, he was going to get me some pictures but that was as far as it got. Its probable he has moved them on by now, I just wanted to see if he knew of anything else. In truth I'd really like a B type but those that aren't already in landfil seem to have gone abroad where they fetch Caterham prices :(

I thought he had the boot section as well as he gave me the option of colours. I'll ask on the facebook group if anyone has any spare bodywork.

I have a spare boot section and seat tub, both in pretty good nick.

I have been led to believe the seat tub is from an S1.

Free to a good home if you can collect from the High Wycombe area.


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