Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Well it's "that" weekend coming, yet I will be spending working on the cars all weekend as my better half jets off to New York for a week. Plan was the 5 link but had lots off bills come in so on one hand memberships and road tax paid for a year but rather tight. So the plan is engine and gearbox mounts plus my ingenious (if it works) bulkhead/skuttle. Wish me luck. Oh and England v Italy. Beer o'clock.

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Good luck with the Rugby, I'll keep an eye out for you :-))

I wish. Too old and slow and fat. 34 next month plus one day. Sob

two bottles of wine and a box of chocolates which i will be enjoying on my own.

I'm near on 64, still hoping :-)) ----- (not sure what for anymore!)

Valentines Day?? I've booked us a table,-------------------------- hope she can remember what order to pot the colours ;-)))))

Just been up the hospital being poked and prodded and guess what? they think I'm going deaf !! Plus they upset my balance by pressurising my ears until they hurt. Why do I never see the same man/woman twice? Now told to go home and rest for a few days until it all settles down, thanks for nothing, ouch!

Sue and I normally stay home, I cook 'stuff' and we both hope to avoid food poisoning...

This weekend will be a little different as we are spending friday night in a hotel just south of Edinburgh, then on to Glenrothies to collect the white Legerra. Hope to be back late Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday will be a trip over the see our Wayne who is going to look after the black leggy while I sort out the white one.

I'm going to do a build thread on Mr' G's for the white one, if anyone is interested in purchasing it once its back in Bolton then either PM me or email.

Sue said something about paying you back for the heavy breathing, dunno what thats all about ...

Anyroad, it won't show up on the bill...

Morning you grumpy bunch, Off line until later, photos and video will follow hopefully (OF THE CAR!)

Might have got a few pace makers working then ade. Mines started crap. The radius that I had made are in fact not made till next weekend. Grrrrr
You must mean Phil McCrack'in

The overnight was in Kirkcaldy...

Glad that's done with, going to keep you all in suspense now until after I've had me brew.


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