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I go a new lap top recently with windows 8.1, I have tried to change my profile picture and it wont up load the photos. I get a box come up that says unable to upload an error accured. There is nothing to surgest what the error is. new operating systems always a pain in the backside, Any help would be appreciated,   Thanks

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I have the same problem with 8.1


No one able to supply an answer on Ning forum site. So had to use an older version of IE to resolve on another pc

I ended up using my old Vista machine to update my profile.

There is a lot to be said for browsing and doing anything on the internet on a linux O/S instead of windows.

From my experience 8 and 8.1 are seriously flawed systems for anyone who wants to do anything other than surf facebook.

The club laptop still runs XP as it won't upgrade to 7 (too old, no graphics drivers) however my unit runs Linux Mint 17. 

Only my Games PC runs 7 and I won't touch 8 since they forgot to ask me in on the beta ( i've been involved since win2k came out.)

The site probably doesn't support Internet Explorer 11 properly, try it in compatibility view


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