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Started getting Daisy in shape for the coming year. found the ignition switch fault, the weight of the keys being in the steering lock caused the ignition to cut off if you accelerated to quickly. So decided to bin the lot, steering lock and all. Going to wire in a simple key switch. Already got a kill switch and battery cut off fitted.

Found the bad vibration at 67 mph + rear UJ is knackered, this as also done for the diff seal and rear gearbox seal. thank goodness I don't have to lay in the damp and cold outside anymore to do these jobs.

Did a full check on the chassis, no rot found, just needs a good clean and fresh coat of paint. A few mod's needed to the fuel line and brake line under the chassis, they need re-routing.

Up front replacing the top wishbone bushes, and replacing the brake hoses + fitting brake pipes from the caliper to a bracket yet to be made.

12 weeks to the first big run out to the Yorkshire Dales with the rest of the Norther Duttoneers.

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Comment by Dave Taylor on February 12, 2017 at 22:01

Fan and halogen, Paul, get warm quick. I wanted a wood burner in there ready for next winter.

It was 14 year ago next month I found Daisy in a Manchester scrap yard, and a part from constant maintenance and updating, she's not had a good check through underneath in that time. A tin top would be well gone by now, or at least feeling it's age.

I was beginning to wonder about the condition of the chassis, and all of it looks, sounds and feels solid, all the welded joints are sound. So clean and paint are the order of the day. 

Once it gets warmer weather  I'll set about the body again, better prep, no dampness. BRG Metallic paint sitting here ready.

Comment by Paul Sheridan on February 12, 2017 at 21:46

Good to see some sighs of life from the winter hibernation's. Supposed to be getting warmer again this week!

Have you got some heating in your new mancave Dave?  

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