Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

This should put the cat amongst the pigeons!

Are Dutton's Classic Cars? Going by the age I think they are, and maybe it's time to be looking at the Classic car shows as runs out as well as the usual Kit Car shows.

As the Northern Duttoneer's we always have a display stand at the Lancashire Classic Car and Bike show, and last weekend we visited The Cheshire Classic Car show at Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield. They were both Grand day's out.

It's just the Kit Car shows seem to be catering for more up to date Kits costing umpteen thousands of pound, and fields full of Caterhams, Cobra etc. At Stoneleigh this year I thought it was a poor turn out, not just of Dutton's but everything including trade stands.

Just a look in the Classic Car weekly events page, there are loads of local shows and autojumbles in all areas of the country. There no need to travel hundreds of miles to a show, you never know you may pick up some bargin parts as well, and it gets your Dutton noticed.

Is it time to put on the flat cap (no comment about whippets please Daryl) and join the Classic Car brigade.

Your comments I am sure will flood in.


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I consider mine a classic....unfortuately the classic world considder it a “Dutton“ separate and shunned from the classic world even if they drive Marinas (spit)
International Hot Rod and Classic Car Show, and they let me in.
More interesting than a row of caterhams, proper muscule.
I would view Duttons as classics, certainly the Phaeton was a significant budget sports car in 1980's.  I recall reading a recent interview with Tim Dutton in which he stated he made cars to fill a market need.  Given the volume of Duttons sold and the significant impact the marque made on the 70's and 80's kit car scene and the british car scene overall, they are therefore "classics" on their own merit in my humble view.
Steve, Dave your right. I have never felt a them and us feeling at the Classic shows, people are very chatty and interested in our cars. Like you say Steve we are no different and probably more in common with the Classic guys. My Phaeton was first built in 1984 and based on a 1973 Mexico (Sorry Classic Ford owners) she 37 years old now, that's classic to me.

Im spending a lot of money on my S2 rebuild, and I know that there is no way I will get it back if it were to be sold. My reason, simple........ I love the look of the S2 Phaeton and as far as I am concerned IT IS A CLASSIC !!   and I'm caring not what other car owners think.


Below is a passage taken from a debate on what is a classic car:-


Is a Classic Car Definition Needed?

Does it all matter?

After all, for most purposes the term “classic” is entirely arbitrary and simply reflects the fact that a car is old, out of production and some people collect them. Eventually all cars fall into that category, even some real dogs – there are collectors and owners’ clubs for almost every car model built.

So the answer is no. Classic or not is a personal viewpoint.

What is important is that both the best and worst car is part of motoring history and that examples are being conserved in the process and a lot people gain enjoyment or a living from it.

Steve Kerswell... there is an article here in the making I think.

Dave T... looks like you need to do a followup for dutton torque shortly mate.

I'll see what I can do.

Have a look at the link below, click on the 'MAKES tag,  it says more makes will be added soon........ perhaps we should try and infiltrate a classic car web site.


It was a period when cars had real individuality and character, aesthetics sat comfortably ahead of ergonomics, and great motoring icons such as the Dutton Phaeton were born. Tee Hee


Very interesting site. Check this one too www.fbhvc.co.uk/

After reading a fair amount of stuff on the website I am inclined to mention this by email to the rest of the committee. If you cant beat them etc...

I shall put a poll on the DOC forums or Mr G's forums and repost a link here. If we affiliate ourselves as a club with such a large and 'prestigious' organisation maybe the other classic car clubs will accept us too.

Hello my english friends,

You have a very important discussion! Interesting to read.
As we in Germany have been at vintage car meeting, I can also report on some incidents.
At each meeting, we were warmly received and the 'Malaga B "was always an attraction and people werealways very interested in the car.
Most people knew not the car manufacturer and the brand.
Many classic car owners of expensive cars were also very interested and curious.
We were even told that the "Malaga B" was among the geheimtipp entusiast.
We have been approached by car in various classic car clubs to join.
It was also the special status of "Malaga B" is underlined.
I think if we bring our cars into a very good condition, we will also get the recognition they deserve and Duttonwill get his division in the automotive history.
I will be the reaction of people becoming more aware that we are "the Dutton Owners' owners of particularlyrare and unusual vehicles.
Classic car show on any people see the Dutton as something special.
We just have to swing our flag and to be present.
A European / international joint appearance would be nice.

The rarer a vehicle so interesting for people.

;-) We are rarely

dear greetings


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