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Hi all, I posted on but no one replied, hopefully better luck here. I'm going ahead with conversion to type 9 on my trials car to give a higher top to bottom gear ratio. Could anyone advise links on eBay to which bell housing, clutch, release bearing, starter motor etc. That I need (assuming the

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Continued... existing bell housing won't fit (I get the type 9 tomorrow). It's for a 1600 xflow and currently has 2000e bullet box. Also, anyone got a drawing of the gearbox mounting plate adaptor they made up when doing the same job to save me working it out? Anything else i need appreciated any advice (i want to keep hydraulic vlutch so need type 9 hydraulic adaptor from somewhere. If anyone has any parts for sale, let me know.

If you are using the Sierra / Capri 5 speed from a pinto powered car then you can use the clutch and cover / bearing from the gearbox donor. You may also have to use the flywheel. The only difference is the larger input shaft however that is shared with the larger 4 speed boxes (1 inch 23 spline) I think, although I'm not sure, that the later pre-engaged type starter will then fit as it bolts to the gearbox and engages with the flywheel. I'm pretty sure that from the crankshaft / flywheel join to the back of the bellhousing is the same bolt patterns. Pilot bearing in the crankshaft is the same on both.
If you have a V6 box then i'm out of my depth. Burton have fact pages on all the ford engines and gearboxes available.
There is no shortcut with the gearbox mount, If yours is setup for a fourspeed you will need to get the angle grinder and welder out.. I've got pictures up of the modification I did to my Legerra but I don't think that would be man enough for the twists of trials use.

Xflo flywheels are different to Pinto flywheels. Xflo clutch 190mm with 7/8"x20 spline center, Pinto 1.8&2.0 +later 1.6 are all 215mm with 1"x23 spline center

1.6l Capri (some) used the Cortina MK3 gearbox (the 4 speed version of the type 9) and thus 190mm clutch cover with 1"x23 splines in the center. The release bearing is different (deeper) I believe its the one people use when putting a type9 on a Zetec. If you go with the coaxial (hydraulic) slave system then you will have to do some research/measuring up to find the right parts to fit and have a first motion shaft cover made to accept the slave or by a system from the likes of Burton power or 105speed but they are not cheap, the slave alone is close to £200 new :o


Bits as follows:-

Alloy bell housing from Tiger Cars

Starter motor :-

1 item sold by schmitz_re
1 item sold by mkf.engineering
( 163041206795 )
This part will change for X flow but I believe MKF do one.
This user is no longer registered on eBay.
Clutch kit complete:-
1 item sold by motorfactorsdirectuk
Ford Cortina Capri Granada Sierra Escort RS2000 Clutch Pinto T9
Ford Cortina Capri Granada Sierra Escort RS2000 Clutch Pinto T9
( 121639167399 )
These all pair up perfectly.

As you are sticking with the crossflow then all the parts are Ford.

I keep the clutch, thrust bearing, starter, pilot bearing in stock. No source for flywheels at this time but unless you need a lightened one the standard one will do.
The interface between crossflow/pinto and gearbox is common, the end of the crank shaft. All the rotating parts inside the bellhousing need to come from the same car as the gearbox including the starter. The flywheel should bolt straight onto the crossflow crank. 

The other end of the box is a different issue, the type 9 mount is further back and unfortunately seems to land in exactly the wrong place. I've done type 9 conversions in both Legerra and Sierra chassis and they both needed new mounting points. This is the legerra.  

Paul, you obviously have a lot of money to spend :p  You can do this cheaply with production line parts if you know which ones.

Hi David,

I wouldn't normally advise using the type9 on an Xflo as they don't really have the torque to pull 5th, but as your car looks to be set up for sporting trials then I guess what your really looking for is the lower first gear. I see your using a 2000e currently and that's totally the wrong box due to its unusually tall 1st. Maybe try the wide ratio version of the 2000e box as the 1st gear ratio may be enough and its fairly straight forward to fit and can keep the current clutch and actuation.

To use the type 9 on an Xflo you need the 1.6 Capri clutch friction disc (190mm with 1" x 23 spline centre) As for the actuation converting to cable will be way cheaper than a coaxial slave kit as they run into £100's

No adaptors are required to fit the type9 if it comes with a Pinto bellhousing but beware of fitting the Pinto BH to a V6 type 9 as the first motion shaft is longer.


thanks all. It's 1600 cross flow. Yes, 5th gear will be extremely tall, but that's what I want. So I think I can run my original flywheel and maybe even bell housing (need to offer it up asap), but you think not Adrian (read it elsewhere). I don't have a donor car for the box, so need to source everything.

Adrian, you say you've got the 190mm clutch plates and bearing etc. in stock. How much?

Any advice on which pedal box people use to convert to a cable?

Also, I see prop shafts with the end joint that goes in the gearbox. I assume I can get one of them and fit it to the UJ of my original prop to make an assembly that's the right length but fits the type 9 output shaft?

190mm clutch is the 1100, 1300, 1600 non mexico clutch. 20 spline won't fit the type 9.

215mm is for mex and larger 23 spline does fit the type 9.

pedal box is Escort mk1 or mk2 dependant on clutch brake and throttle cable types.

I'm researching and looks like Sierra 1.6 has 190 clutch with 23 teeth so that's what i need

Sierra clutch data as follows, all using national part numbers for reference.


Ford Sierra 1.6 MK 1 (1982-1987) - Hatchback - Part fitment dates 10/82-09/84, 1593cc, 4cyl, OHC cam, 8v
Ford Sierra 1.6 MK 1 (1982-1987) - Estate - Part fitment dates 12/82-09/84, 1593cc, 4cyl, OHC cam, 8v
Clutch Equip.: 3 Piece
Size mm Dia.: 190, Dia.2: 190
No of Teeth 20
Vehicle Detail Gearbox: MTM, 4 speed
Engine Code LCS, LCT, LSD
Ford Sierra 1.6 MK 2 (1987-1993) - Estate - Part fitment dates 03/87-01/91, 1597cc, 4cyl, OHC cam, 8v
Ford Sierra 1.6 MK 2 (1987-1993) - Hatchback - Part fitment dates 03/87-01/91, 1597cc, 4cyl, OHC cam, 8v
Ford Sierra Sapphire 1.6 MK 2 (1987-1993) - Saloon - Part fitment dates 03/87-01/91, 1597cc, 4cyl, OHC cam, 8v
Clutch Equip.: 3 Piece
Size mm Dia.: 215, Dia.2: 215
No of Teeth 23
Vehicle Detail Gearbox: MTM, 5 speed
Engine Code LSE


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