Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

For those of you where a type 3 just doesn't cut it - type 5 and 'stuff'

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That's an odd gear lever for a type 5

Its from a scimitar - they did that

Didn't know they did a hydraulic bell housing......
Hell if I buy that means I have to take the engine out !!!!!

Its not a Capri box and wrong box for Zodiac,   Zepher  and Scimitar  as they were side lever , that only leaves the Transit , Capri was cable clutch ,has to be transit with that lever 

Se5a were Zodiac boxes with the side seiector Se6a was the Granada box with the cranked lever as you see in the pic.

Transit V6 was cable or rod depending on year - so the BH can only be Zodiac/Scimitar

Zodiak mk4 had the hydro BH

Transit lever, so if its a Transit box, its got sh*t ratio's.

Probably an Ambulance

Transit gear lever comes out of the side with what always looked like an adapter or straight out of the top of the main gearcase. Thats a Granada gearbox as it looks like a 'big' 2000e box.

Its all from a scimitar just like what the add says

Did they do v6 in the transit ? Thought they were v6 ?
Might be interested in the bell housing and going hydraulic,not a lot of room for a clutch cable in a v6 s3

BRSCC ambulance / emergency tender at Brands Hatch back in the late 70's was a MK1 long petrol that was capable of very respectable lap times. 90% sure it was essex powered.

Just spent an hour trawling google as I was sure I had seen a photo... oh well.

As Daryl says think it was long nosed ambulances which became rally support guys. That gearlever is for the third seat, sat with that between my legs for a  few miles :-((


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