Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I'm trying to work out how I register my Dutton as MOT exempt? It's now tax exempt but the post office weren't sure about MOT, has anyone else registered there's? 

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Whats the date of first registration on the V5?

Its 1977 so it is eligible for it, I'm trying to work out how you actually do it? Do I just fill in form V112 and send it off to Swansea? 

If the car is VED exempt and therefore registered as a 'vehicle of historic interest'  so getting it recorded as exempt from the MOT test is basically down to you. I think it becomes available on it's 41st birthday.

VED exemption can be cancelled at whim by the DVLA if they think it's been modified in the last 30 years. Vehicles registered on the original donor reg are the most likely to be affected but year related plates issued new to kits cars are also affected.

Q plates will not obtain VED exemption OR MOT exemption as far as I know.

Thats the rules as I understand them at this moment but they are vague at best which is why the post office haven't a clue.

EDIT - remember the two are NOT linked and MOT exemption is currently pre 1960 cars only.

2nd EDIT - I take that back, 40 years from May 20th. So yep, fill the form in and see what happens.

Right I've been on the DVLA website and tried to declare it but by the looks of it the car isn't registered as historic yet. The website tried to charge me for the tax again even though the post office did it for free.... I'll try filling in the form and see what happens

Read the back of the V112 very carefully, trust no-one... There was a rumour that they were going to use the MOT and VED exemptions to restrict use of vehicles like they do with 'showmans' taxation class.

Hi all, a bit late to this thread!

My understanding is that kitcars cannot be MOT exempt, even if 40+ years old, happy to be proven wrong.

The date of manufacture and the date of first registration may need to be over 40. The vehicle must not have been extensively modified in the last 30 years and must also be on a year related plate issued by the DVLA to that vehicle and NOT the donor car's details.

Apply for VHI status first as that is 'granted' or not by the DVLA. Once sorted you can then apply for MOT exemption.

Personally I won't be applying for any of mine to be MOT exempt as I have concerns about it being used as a big stick to beat on the 'classic' motorist in the future.

Thanks for the replies, there is no text in section 3 of the V5C for my Dutton, not a "Q" reg either. I must admit that I share Adrian's mistrust of the DVLA, civil servants and government generally.

I suspect DVLA or VOSA will decide kit cars are not MOT exempt, even those that do count, even those like Daryl's and my old Phaeton S1. The European road worthiness directive is quite black and white on what does count and what doesn't. The ERD allows member states to exempt cars of historic interest so long as they comply with the definition of 'historic intertest' eg totally unmodified from as built (and homologated) spec

Kit cars generally have become too much of a grey area. You have kit cars (built from all new parts and registered from new as a new car and thus car tax had to be paid - in theory these should comply if they are unmodified)

Kit conversions where a kit of parts is added to the parts of a car previously registered and used on uk roads (what most people think of as a kit car and using a donor meant it was not a new car and car tax didn't have to be paid)

Sometimes the local VRO gave kit conversions new reg numbers and sometimes they re-issued the donor number. It seems VED exemption is available on such cars but the VED exemption is not part of the ERD , so shouldn't be used to try and justify MOT exemption.

That's the grey area as each kit car, of a particular type, could have been built differently and there is no homologated spec to compare against, thus it simply will prove easier to prevent all kit cars from the 40year MOT exemption.

As to whether MOT exempt cars will be restricted, there seems to be several ideas on this floating around whitehall but no consultation papers have yet been listed. I expect the government is not going to move on this until post Brexit - again many things such as MOT exemption may 'disappear' after Brexit when our government would not be so constrained buy the ERD.


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