Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Hi I've recently emailed all members regards options for increasing membership and its implications. I'd be greatful for any thoughts, comments or suggestions





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hi Tim - i've just sent you an email with a possible solution.  Hope you've got it, but if not, can you send me your email address?  Regards


Happy to pay it would be easy to set up a pay pal account just don't forget the 2% handling charge.

Would be happy to pay.

Yep happy to pay:-)

For some reason I didn't get the email, I would be happy to contribute to keep the site going

I am happy to contribute

Count me in Tim.     Didn't get an email though!



Happy to pay :-) 

Only a very new member, but cost suggested sounds very reasonable. Any way this site can be (eventually) combined into the DOC? Not important though, if that is not feasible or is too difficult - Miles

I got E-mail and happy to pay

I would be happy to pay also,  £1.50  per year is hardly going to bancrupt any one ,  i take on point Daryls view that its important to have another site that isnt payed for completly by the DOC after all, not everyone who is on here might be a member, even if 99% of us are    what can be gotten on the official site  that cant be put on here? on   a members only page 

hi iwould be happy to pay Paul


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