Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

New season, get those cars out on the roads gents ...... and post your pics.  Pub sign pics of course.  

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Took the leggy out for a warm up run tonight, no photo's as no pubs :( 

Will do better Sunday if time allows.

Time to make this Phaeton wider in the cockpit , a lot wider   

Nah..... only just got my arse molded to the existing shape..... tis quite comfy now.

Been abusing the B+ all week, I don't do pubs, strictly tonic only, seems a waste to stop :-)

You take you own Gin?

Nonsense old boy .........  from you I expect to see you car, a pub sign and a sea view!!

Actually heres the challenge for you ....... a picture of the B-Plus at the bottom of the slipway outside the Pilchard Inn.    You know where!!!!     DARE YOU. 

Now that is a challenge ! I'm not sure they will allow me on the beach, plus I'd get fu**in stuck. Uhm, gets the old grey stuff working though !!

If you did it at low tide, the bar should have drained and be stable enough ...... Go on  

spring tide, mid way, uhm :-)

Photoshop is your friend Steve

No cheating!!   Cos it says so in the rules    


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