Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Hello all, apologies for not doing this sooner but I'm buried under work and haven't looked at or thought about the Dutton since Autumn.

This is a charity event which is non competetive so you can drive as slow or fast as you fancy.  The hill is great fun and well suited to a Dutton.  Entry is £50 for 2 runs - in the afternoon, each time I have been, there is time for additional runs which are another c. £5 or £10 (probably).  Last year I managed a total of 5 runs.

The paddock is also full of many interesting older cars.  If a few of us apply (I already have and will be there - once I'm through the list of jobs!) we should have a Dutton area in the paddock.

I am attaching the application form here to download - I've not tried this before so if it doesn't work reply to this and I can email the form to you.

Prescott 2016 entry form

Hope to see you there.


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That link works fine Mark.

I'll check my Calender as we have commitments in May other than the AGM.

Bit more info for you then... :)

Prescott speed hill climb website link. 

I was looking for an in car video to post but they are all a bit slow...

The record however is 35 seconds and a few bits... looking at that route ... thats flipping quick.

Right click, open in new tab and it will save to 'my downloads' as 2016detailsissue.doc .

That is assuming your not running a fapple smack..

Mailed it to you

All sorted before I read the reply - thanks Ade


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