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Morning all,

Which rear axle is likely to be on my S2 (I know it's escort, but are there any variants or things I can look at to identify exactly which one it is.

Then, once I know the axle, are there variants of half shaft I should look for/avoid, or are all escort mk1 and 2 the same half shafts?



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your axle looks like its from the earlier series of cars, as the slave cylinder is of the sliding single piston type by the look of you photos... that was also common to the corsairs and i believe the smaller engined Capris.... the later Mk2 escort slaves are the same as lots of other makes of cars (volvo , Hyundai.... etc) and are bolted to the back plate at the top with two small M10 bolts (they are also twin piston....) better brakes.....

For a Series 2 Phaeton it would most likely have been built with the Dutton suggested running gear of MK2 Cortina for the Engine, Gearbox, rear axle with leaf springs & Dampers, pedal box with M/Cylinders and Triumph Herald front suspension (disc brake type), steering rack and column, wiper motor and mech together with the Herald wiring loom. Looking at the pictures you have posted the axle appears to have had the handbrake brackets cut off and MK1 Cortina or MK1 Escort hand brake system grafted on. As for the dampers they are tube type as would be fitted to the Cortina saloon but the brackets are from the Cortina estate that would have had lever arm rear dampers from the factory. What problem are you having with this?

Ok  I think it is Cortina mk2 then as it has got sliding brake cylinders. Are half shaft common with escort or a different length.?


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