Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Well looks like the site as died since Daryl deleted himself

Last post 20th March, not counting this one that is.

Looks like he was keeping it going, Daryl come back the site needs you

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This site died long before Daryl left though he did help it on its way IMHO.This site has gone the way of the others for much the same reasons, in addition: Most people have either gone away from kit cars as they are in general decline (making an EV kit cat is fraught with problems) of have defected to facebook.


It is rather sad. In the good old days, say 3~5 years ago, there was a fairly small but lively community on here. You could follow different threads for weeks. Facebook is not the same, it is just here-today-gone-tomorrow. Plus there is all of the other crap on Facebook - politics, sports, jokes, cuddly kittens, all mixed with terrorist atrocities, animal cruelty and bigotry. I used to have no idea about the rest of other people's lives, interests and views, only their Duttoneering. I preferred it like that. I only want to talk about Duttons, not Brexit, war in Yemen or Trump.

Long live this site!

I'm still here too :)
I just opted for the 'Nothing useful to say then say nothing' approach.

Got enough to worry about in the outside world ta.

I'm still here too 'Lurking'   Cant abide backbiting and bitching, so I keep quiet!


Are seriously thinking of selling it? It would seem a pity after all the meticulous work that you put into it. Or did you just get it out of your system and want to move on?

In all honesty I haven't made my mind up one way or the other James.  I decided on a career change last year and got shot of the workshop. I built a small workshop at the side of my house to home all my machinery..... Paul Sheridan without some sort of workshop to tinker in, just wouldn't be right!

But in doing so, I only have my front drive to keep cars now. So the Phaeton is in my Sisters garage, not a million miles away, but cant just hop in the car for a quick blast anymore. I purposefully mothballed it to stop me making rash decisions.

Now I am settled in to the new job, I will see how things go.

No... Don't sell the Phaeton! Summers coming, gerrit taxed and use it.

Let's keep it alive then.

The facebook site is OK but as you say, James, it full of drama. The Ning has had its moments but it does need support.

I lost interest in all the backbiting that was going on here, all the points scoring did for me. I have not been on or posted much this last twelve months, that's not to say I haven't here in the background, accepting new members and vetting out the scammers. 

I broke Daisy Dutton last year on a run to Scotland with Kit Net John O'Groats Challenge, and after rebuilding the top end of the engine, I lost interest in Her, so Daisy sat in the garage for the last 10 months. 

I have now started to update the interior (New dash etc) and Taxed 9Historic) and MOT'd (Historic) full safety check and brake strip down. So she Passed my MOT and will see the roads again this year. 

The Northern Duttoneers have a planned tour to the East coast and Yorkshire Dales, so we're back.

I hope it keeps going I still have many questions, and parts that I need to find, and so far in the short time I have been on here it has been very helpful with the mountains of information available and all the friendly people willing to share their knowledge.

how do y'all 

sorry not been around for a while had some family issues at home to deal with 

I'm still here, beavering away, slowly, very slowly.

I'm still lurking too, hopefully beginning another project in the next few months


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