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down in the sump :-)

My mate bought an alloy sump for his fast pinto, it leaked :-) However help was on hand, we borrowed an AC tig set and I have spent a pleasant afternoon down in his pit welding his sump in position. Pleased to say, I've still got the touch, no more leaks. I have radiation burns on my forearms and neck because I only had a tee shirt and forgot the tig gloves :-(. Smell a bit sumpy oil as well. Plus I'm pretty grimy. All good fun in a kit car builders life.

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fast dutton

Coming out of Cornwall today several trailers with sports cars, one was a stripped out Phaeton with no screen and huge minilites with slicks, looked very tidy. Must have been a Sprint or hillclimb somewhere close.

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clocks ticking !!

Its Friday the 13th. Spring is here. So what plans do yo have for your Dutton(s)? I cannot believe how fast time is passing, evenings are drawing out and morning is light about 6ish, I think I need every available hour to get on top of every thing Dutton related. The B+ is up and running and hopefully will fly through the MOT next week, tomorrow its on the rolling road at the local engine builders, he owes me, so hopefully he will play OK. I may have to leave the paintwork and just drive it…


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Tin Top MOT

Took the Saab for its MOT today, flew through with no advisories (again!) MOT man recons he ain't ever going to get rich off me. Wait until I bring the Sierra down. He laughed and said he still cannot believe I am still driving that thing around when you have this Saab, Yeah, bring it down, April 1st. would be good, I can give it to one of the others to test :-)) He'll do it for nothing if it passes, hand shake, deal done.

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my son.

As many of you may know, my son was/is very ill, so a quick update to all who ask. He is now stable and breathing on his own. They put a drain in his chest and removed 1.5 litres of infected fluid. The jury is still out about what caused the infection, but the surgeon commander has hinted that it looks like an infection from a nasty little bug he may have swallowed while surfing or swimming in tropical waters, Kenya, Maldives etc. He is now sat up and talking, but mainly sleeping. The…


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wire fire !!

Had a smoulder today under the bonnet, my fault, to many other things on my mind at present. Wires from alternator hit the 4 branch and melted through into a blobby mess. Trouble is a few things went haywire too, So my question is: 12 volt feed to lamp, lamp to small terminal on alternator, then big wire from alternator onto starter solenoid live side?? I only have one big wire from my alternator, well thats all I can find. HELP.

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B plus is under orders :-)

Pleased to say the  B+ started up today after a winter of "fiddling". New wiring here and there. 2" SU carbs stripped and refurbished. Electronic ignition and new leads etc. Just some bodywork to sort and the interior to have retrimmed, hopefully by the April deadline all will be sorted. Oh, plus a 5 link to sort. But it's up and running.

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hard top

I have a long hardtop, suitable for B type and B+ type body, narrow boot. It's in the way, I'm never going to use it. Open to offers, swaps etc. Picture to follow, 7 days or it's chopped up, I need to gain a lot of space for new project. Collection only I'm afraid.

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electronic instruments

Seen one of these on a kit car today, didn't realise it was not a Smiths instrument. Bl**dy good price too: http://www.mikesxs.net/products-46.html#product-03-0669

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End of an Era??

                             Many of you know that for the past 12 or so years I have been fighting a brain tumor, Major surgery and follow up surgery has kept me alive, but at a reduced rate. 80% deaf and failing, unable to blink or move the right hand side of my face, now scary blood pressure fluctuations. I have worked in heavy engineering for the past 45 years and that too, has taken its toll. From working among 16000 fellow ship yardies, to being self employed working alone for the past…


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Julian Cramp ??

Anybody know of his whereabouts, or where his car went or does he still own it??

Added by Steve Kerswell on January 22, 2015 at 16:19 — 8 Comments

Bit Miffed

Good weekends work spoilt by a moments carelessness, Doing some welding under the Sierra yesterday, when the wife suddenly announced some smoke in the cab. Somehow a spark from the grinder or welder sneaked in through the gearbox tunnel and smouldered away on the cloud 9 underfelt. Quickly got it under control but the toxic fumes meant leaving it to ventilate. Noticed today that the windows were a tad black and sticky, now found the whole interior is coated with a sticky, smoky probably…


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