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Any suggestions for the simplest way to adjust the camber on a Phaeton Series 3 - ie escort based?  The camber is 1 degree different between sides 2 degrees and 3 degrees. Would like to adjust the 3 back to 2 with the minimum surgery - ideas?

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Will do. I have a NS uncut strut which I can cut to size, the OS one is goosed so its a singleton and no loss being cut. To save on weight i'll strip it and if I get time, blast it.

Do you want a new wheel bearing included?

The wheel bearing’s a good idea - although mine seemed ok not sure whether it would be damaged removing -or whether it would fit?

I had 6 plates made to take the maxi joint taper. My plan is to work out the angle and copy it to the other side with a jig. I’m dreamer it will be simpler I expect. The chassis also makes a difference 

Track control arms are still available . sorry for pic size

Ready to go arms bargain 


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