Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

For Sale – Project Dutton Malaga B+

Space needed! – I have decided to sell my first Dutton.  Offers invited before I put it on eBay.

Registered but not driveable – will need trailer to take it away.

Pinto lightly tuned (fast road cam) and twin choke weber from a 3 litre Capri.  This ran fine when driven into garage.

5 speed gearbox, 5 link rear suspension, copper and stainless brake lines, double wishbone front suspension (triumph)

Bit of a Fred Flintstone car at present – cockpit floor around seat area removed – plan was to panel in steel/aluminium to give me more leg room.  At 6’1” with long legs I don’t fit in the standard car.  Now fixed by me buying a Phaeton.

Work needed includes; Cockpit panelling by seats, re-wiring, tyres (current tyres only hold air for a short time).

 PM me, Mark


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Have you still got the remains of the tub?

Hi James, a few bits but not a large section.
I have a S1 rear internal tub free to a good home.
That bar across the rear near the difference will foul the diff it will need chopping out PDQ.!
Hi Dave, the tube was just tacked on as a datum when I was measuring up.

hello mark

serial number is starting with M........?

what the engine size print on v5 please?

idea about price asked?

you can answer in mp if you wabnt

best regards

Sold to a car enthusiast to take the place of a completed project so hopefully another Dutton back on the road - some time!

Did you explain anything on the history side of your car Mark?


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