Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

30th of April 2012 see the last day of www.thenorthernduttoneers.com after 15 months it will all be gone. Why? because Mircosoft Office Live is changing to Office 365, and asking for £6.99 per month to migrate and continue to use the site on the new business package. No good for what we have used the site for.

I have downloaded the contents to build a new site in the near future, but for now it will be deleted by Microsoft at midnight on the 30th, if you want any of the contents e.g. Tips, build diaries, or photos please feel free to copy them.

We will keep you all informed of things we are up to in the North, through the forum on here. I have retained the domain name www.thenorthernduttoneers.com so the site will be back, in the meantime you can contact us here or direct at thenorthernduttoneers@ntlworld.com . Thanks for your support over the last 15 months and Thanks for read about our adventures.

The Northern Duttoneers.

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Microsoft (insert expletives at will) 

I will broach the subject of hosting it for you at the AGM Dave.

Dave A please take note for the AOB section.

It was such an easy program to use, and update. Oh! and FREE. I think I may have found another site though, it will take more work as storage online is a lot small so less photos and less archive on the newsletter. I'll keep you informed.

i am going to have to get organised.......website domain and presence is on the cards for discussion anyway (more than one request)

Another good reason for us to amalgamate all three Dutton sites into one all singing, all dancing site. Lets face it, the majority of activity is now on one site anyway, because we like reading and talking about our common interests, and you have to post where people will give you feed back, as much as I like Mr G's site, I see no point in posting where there is little or no activity. With one good site, DOC can be better represented, the Northern Duttoneers can have their own section, and who knows there may even be a Southern Duttoneers one day ! 

I know I keep banging on about it, so no rude comments :-)   

each site has its merits, i am not overly fond of this site for the following reason searching for previous posts is a pain and current topics can overwhelm some threads.......

I agree Dave. but we all congregate here......why?  because when the bulk of the people/club are all on one site,  sharing what we do and enjoy, and getting some feed back from our posts, it's a good feeling.

There, her indoors is telling me to get off me soap box,  now i'm going to have to take even more blood preassure pills tomorrow. 

Well surprise! surprise! The Northern Duttoneers website is still live 5 days after the close down deadline. I can still access on update it, so please keep visiting. fingers crossed it may stay live, only thing I can no longer see are the visitor reports and stats but I can live with that.

I can mirror it (download a copy and host it myself) for a while if you like? You won't be able to edit it any more but as a reference could be handy?

I'll PM you shortly

The website as closed down tonight. Thanks for your support.


what now happens to all the info that was on the site  i was looking at a sierra thread last night .. and thought i,d take another look when i have more time..


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