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roof rack

i need to pick up some sheets of plywood for a little job at home and i have sold my big trailer, so i decided that because the 4 or 5 4mm sheets of ply wont weigh much so why not use a a roof rack?

The lack of a gutter might seem a problem.....not for a man with a drill and some ideas it's not. so i got some 4 X 2 timber and shaped some runners and fitted some steel cross members.....…


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engine type

What car had a 1147cc engine in the late 70's?

its a question that came up recently for me, favourite is triumph.........any ideas?

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For sometime now i have been tempted by a megasqirt system, has any of you out there got any experience of them and know where i can get one (i could order the kit, but i figure it will be cheaper to get a secondhand one or unfinished one)

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a busy day

Yesterday as i have mentioned on Danny's status i replaced all 4 wheel bearings on my sierra. at a cost of £6 each for the rears and £5 each for the fronts. The rears are straight forward to do but you need to disconnect the brakes and re-bleed them. Because the brake back plates are held in by the half shafts.....now i know that it is possible to remove the half shafts with out removing the brakes, but in practice if the half shafts have not recently been removed it is just easier to take…


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is this the correct details for the company who took over Polyfacto?

Monsoon Automotive Ltd

Unit 6, Northfield Business Park
BN27 4BZ
Lower Dicker, Hailsham (East Sussex)
Main phone:
01323 440422

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chassis plates etc.


I have thought about giving this a try........

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