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September 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Project Hunk of Junk - diff choice

Hopefuly just bought a 3.54 English diff for £113.  I not sure if I need it, but as most 3.54 diffs seem to sell for £200, I just had to buy it.  See what it is like when it arrives.  My Phaeton will be running a 3.0 V6 Essex with MK4 Zodiac 'box, I have a 3.89 diff, but fancied a 3.54 as it is as close to Capri 3.09 that I can get.  My momeries of driving a MK1 3.0 Capri were that the gearing really well suited the engine.  So I have been worried that the 3.89 would be too low geared.  I…


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OH! nearly lost the Sierra today, I was finishing the wiring all working well. Then somehow when I moved the the heater fan quadrant there was instant smoke then flame, and I was sitting there watching it happen. Brain in gear and snips at hand I cut the main power line to the heater quadant, but it was still burning, I had to dive under the bonnet and disconnect the battery which meant un-fastening the clamps.

After the smoke had cleared I could check the damaged, and someone up…


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Project Hunk of Junk - Now have room to work on the car

Post Op recovering has gone well.  Had no news on the lock-up garage front, list must be too long.  So the only way to make space in the garage is to have another shed.  The in-laws have been staying for 3 weeks, so had the father-in-law building an extra shed using scrap timber I had lying around.  8 x 4 shed built for the grand sum of £24.  Shed now being filled up with Dutton parts, at last I can see space appearing in the garage. …


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What a busy day

Started with oil and filter change on the Phaeton and found a possible cause of low oil pressure on tick over. When I removed the oil filter (Halfords brand for the X Flow) it had a relief valve in the bottom, the Fram 966 I was fitting as no relief valve which is as Original Ford. New oil in and started up Hey Presto oil pressure on tick over.

After that I moved on to the Sierra, deciding that the engine as to come out and sort the core plugs.

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