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a bit of luck for a change.

two days ago i bid on an ebay job lot of Car Mechanics magazines (48 magazines dating from 1961 onwards to the 70's) and won them. only when i went to pick them up the owners had found a few more to be included in with the sale. there is over 100 old mags. all for £15.00.......bargain.

some interesting stuff in them, several articles on various home built cars and adverts for early kit cars. very interesting article on upgrading your ford gear box ....from 3 speed to 4 speed. some…


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i have two of these alloy wheels, a bit dirty here as they have been stored behind my shed for a few years. they fit triumph pcd  anyone interested in them speak up and make an offer (any i wont mind) or they go on ebay and i take my chances.....

i  also have a ford pepper-pot wheel as well if its useful to any one....…


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HPG128K - Dutton Sierra Series 2 - rescued from an early grave?

Sierra II

So the saga of the gearbox rear seal continues. When it had the rear crank seal done the garage also fitted a prop/tailshaft seal which promptly leaked just as badly as the one they took out.

When I had the horrible vibration issue it was coming from the prop not fitting into the gearbox. Thinking this might have damaged the bush inside the…


Added by Adrian Southgate on September 7, 2014 at 20:00 — 116 Comments

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