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so long 2012

boy will i be glad to see the back of 2012.....

one way or another it has been a truly awful year for me and its not done with me yet. my garage roof leaks (hopefully bodged....er repaired) the tumble drier has packed in....with all my work clothes in it. one point of luck is that there was a spare tumble drier in my way in the garage ....(no longer in my way and i now have a load of self tappers and sheet steel. :-)  )

And i am struggling to find a propshaft for my…


Added by Dave Adams on December 30, 2012 at 17:14 — 3 Comments

split prop wnted

well i have done the head on my sierra and fitted a new dissy (electronic) as well as strip and clean the carb and cured the misfire, which i thought was the main reason for the sudden arrival of a vibration i have......only the vibration is still there so under the car i went and the centre U/J on the prop is totally knackered. it has the staked bearings not the circlip type so will be a bit of a pain to sort. Any of you lads out there have a spare split prop for me please?

Added by Dave Adams on December 26, 2012 at 14:38 — 12 Comments

wierd day

well today has been a bit strange, i had a quick look at my sierra and was asking about a spare cylinder head for my Xflow with a friend when the conversation got round to my bending my car a little bit.......then out of the blue came this offer.....

"I have a phaeton in a relatives barn that i never use, never driven really it got put in there over three years ago and i never got round to looking at it." so we talked about it half heartedly with a view to using it for parts, which…


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its occurred to me that a comprehensive list of current donor cars will be useful on here.....so here goes;

BMW..all of them

Lexus...most of them i think

Mercedes...again most of them

Mazda....MX5 and i believe some others (RX7?)

Suzuki.....the 4x4's but box is easy to mod apparently

Fords mated to Type 9's

any others out there spring to mind?

Added by Dave Adams on December 4, 2012 at 21:20 — 7 Comments

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