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ebay dut......

Added by Dave Adams on September 21, 2013 at 20:35 — 12 Comments

Tonight I have been mostly

Being wheely busy...

So them 'chelsea tractor' rims went from being shiny chrome when they arrived to rusty in a very short space of time. Seems they had been polished with some really abrasive material which had removed the outer chrome part of the plating leaving highly polished steel rim in places. Now this looked nice until they got wet but after washing they started to brown up and soon had rusty bits all around the outer part of the rim.

This is somewhat unappealing so I…


Added by Adrian Southgate on September 21, 2013 at 0:41 — 6 Comments

Rebuild started

I got started on the rebuild today. here a tip for anyone don't use coach bolts to fasten your bumper on, after 10 years they don't want to move, and what made me use a 4" one at the centre of the rear bumper? que angle grinder...

Looks like the rear drivers wheel arch has had a fair old knock. all crazing cut back with Dremmel and diamond tip, then all body wiped down with thinners to shift any trace of polish. first fill with flexible filler. That can have a couple of days to cure…


Added by Dave Taylor on September 12, 2013 at 21:27 — 1 Comment

Selling my S3

I took me car off the road back in may as the engine needs a overhaul, I have now decided to sell  the car. I am offering it on here first as a complete car for 2K. Now I know alot of folk out there will say its not worth that if the engine is knackerd but the car cost 10K to build and I have the recipts to prove. It seems a shame to brake it but its worth more in bits, I would sooner it went to some one who would keep it complete and use it in the club. The bad news is its in the north of…


Added by Paul Thomas on September 5, 2013 at 23:32 — 2 Comments

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